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The rise of SPACs has been a notable trend in recent years, enabling companies to go public through a merger with a shell company already listed on a stock exchange. This alternative to traditional initial public offerings (IPOs) has gained popularity due to its potential to expedite the process and provide companies with greater certainty regarding valuation and investor demand. SoFi’s decision to raise funds through a SPAC deal with Tempkin Bloomberg is a strategic move that allows the company to access the public markets while bypassing the traditional IPO route.

Tempkin Bloomberg: A Strategic Partner for SoFi

Tempkin Bloomberg, the SPAC involved in this deal, is led by Gary Cohn, the former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs. Cohn’s extensive experience in the financial industry makes him a valuable partner for SoFi. The collaboration between Cagney and Cohn brings together two industry veterans who possess deep knowledge of the financial services sector. This partnership is expected to provide SoFi with valuable insights, guidance, and access to a wide network of industry connections.

Implications for SoFi’s Growth and Expansion

The $250 million raised through the SPAC-Tempkin Bloomberg deal will undoubtedly fuel SoFi’s growth and expansion plans. SoFi, which started as a student loan refinancing platform, has evolved into a comprehensive financial services provider offering products such as personal loans, mortgages, and investment services. The additional capital will enable SoFi to further enhance its product offerings, invest in technology and infrastructure, and potentially explore new markets. This influx of funds comes at a crucial time for SoFi as it seeks to solidify its position in the highly competitive fintech industry.

Furthermore, going public through a SPAC deal provides SoFi with increased visibility and access to a broader investor base. The merger with Tempkin Bloomberg will result in SoFi becoming a publicly traded company, allowing it to attract institutional investors and potentially increase its market capitalization. This increased liquidity and exposure can provide SoFi with the necessary resources to continue its growth trajectory and compete with established financial institutions.

The Return of Mike Cagney

Mike Cagney’s involvement in this SPAC deal marks his return to the fintech industry after leaving SoFi in 2017 amidst allegations of sexual harassment and fostering a toxic work environment. Cagney’s departure from SoFi was a significant blow to the company, given his instrumental role in its early success. However, his return signals a fresh start for Cagney and the opportunity to rebuild his reputation.

Cagney’s experience and expertise in the fintech space make him a valuable asset for SoFi as it navigates the challenges and opportunities in the evolving financial services landscape. His return also raises questions about the role of second chances in the business world and whether individuals should be given opportunities to redeem themselves after past controversies.


SoFi’s $250 million SPAC deal with Tempkin Bloomberg represents a significant milestone for the company and its co-founder, Mike Cagney. This strategic move not only provides SoFi with additional capital to fuel its growth and expansion but also marks Cagney’s return to the fintech industry. The collaboration with Tempkin Bloomberg brings together two industry veterans and is expected to provide valuable insights and guidance to SoFi. As SoFi goes public through this SPAC deal, it gains increased visibility and access to a broader investor base, positioning itself for continued success in the highly competitive fintech landscape.

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