Kickball, the sport that combines the simplicity of soccer with the nostalgia of recess, has been a favorite pastime for many seeking a good laugh and a bit of friendly competition. One of the most enjoyable aspects of forming a kickball team is choosing a name that reflects the team’s spirit and sense of humor. In this article, we present 100 kickball team names that are not only pun-tastic but also guaranteed to kick up the laughter.

  1. The Kickin’ Chickens: For a team that’s as fearless as a rooster in the kickball arena.
  2. Ball Busters: Because why not embrace the competitive side with a dash of humor?
  3. Dodgy Dodgers: Perfect for a team that has mastered the art of dodging those tricky kicks.
  4. Grass Stains & Giggles: Acknowledging the inevitable result of a fun-filled kickball game.
  5. Kickin’ It Old School: When your team’s skills are classic, just like your kickball style.
  6. Can’t Touch This: Channeling MC Hammer’s spirit on the kickball field.
  7. Twisted Blisters: For a team that knows the pains and gains of kickball.
  8. Swift Kick in the Grass: When your team is all about speed and precision.
  9. Kickin’ Asphalt: Ideal for a team that brings the heat to every kickball match.
  10. Kicks and Giggles: Because laughter is the best medicine, especially after a tough game.
  11. The Mighty Ducks (Not the Movie): For a team that’s surprisingly powerful, just like those ducks.
  12. Grass Guardians: Protecting the turf, one kick at a time.
  13. Sons of Pitches: A clever play on words that’s sure to make opponents smile.
  14. Sofa Kings Good: Because your team is not just good, it’s sofa king good.
  15. Quicksilver Kickers: When your team’s agility is as quick as silver.
  16. Kickin’ up Dust: Perfect for a team that leaves a trail of dust in their opponent’s wake.
  17. The Kicky Minaj: A nod to the queen of hip-hop with a kickball twist.
  18. Dunder Kicklin: For fans of The Office who also love a good kickball game.
  19. Victorious Secret: Because your team’s strategy is top-secret until it leads to victory.
  20. Grassmasters: When your team has mastered the art of the kickball pitch.
  21. The Mighty Morphin’ Flower Arrangers: A humorous take on the classic Power Rangers, emphasizing your team’s unexpected skills.
  22. Not Fast, Just Furious: For a team that knows it’s not just about speed but also about having a blast.
  23. The Kicky Blinders: A kickball team that plays with style and a bit of mystery.
  24. Double Trouble: Ideal for a team that excels in both offense and defense.
  25. Ball of Duty: Because playing kickball is a serious duty, right?
  26. Mind Over Splatter: When your team’s mental game is as strong as its kicks.
  27. No Punt Intended: A play on words that’s both clever and kickball-themed.
  28. The Grassholes: Perfect for a team that’s both cheeky and skilled on the field.
  29. Kickin’ up the Funk: When your team brings the funk and the kicks to the game.
  30. Pitch Please: A polite yet assertive way to request the perfect kickball pitch.
  31. No Glove, No Love: Emphasizing the importance of protective gear with a humorous twist.
  32. The Kicker’s Union: When your team stands in solidarity with kickers everywhere.
  33. Kickin’ Assets: Because your team is all about kicking the competition’s assets.
  34. Pitch Perfect Kickers: For a team that nails every kick with precision.
  35. The Grasshoppers: Because your team hops around the kickball field with finesse.
  36. The Kicktators: Leading the kickball revolution, one pitch at a time.
  37. Rolling Thunder: When your team brings the noise and the thunderous kicks.
  38. The Wet Bandits: A nod to Home Alone, perfect for a team that leaves opponents feeling helpless.
  39. The Ball Whisperers: Because your team can communicate with kickballs on a whole other level.
  40. No Pain, No Gain: For a team that understands the sacrifices required for kickball glory.
  41. The Mighty Ballers: A name that exudes confidence and kickball prowess.
  42. The Spin Doctors: For a team that can spin the kickball with finesse.
  43. Grass Ninjas: When your team’s moves are so stealthy, they’re practically ninja-like.
  44. The Swift Snitches: Channeling a bit of Harry Potter magic on the kickball field.
  45. Full Throttle Kickers: Because your team never holds back on the kickball pitch.
  46. The Grasshuggers: For a team that’s all about embracing the kickball lifestyle.
  47. The Booty Bouncers: Adding a bit of bounce to your kickball game.
  48. The Kicks Mix: A diverse mix of kicks that keeps opponents guessing.
  49. The Blazing Ballers: When your team brings the heat and ignites the kickball field.
  50. Kickin’ It Up a Notch: For a team that takes kickball to a whole new level.
  51. Pitch Slap: A playful name for a team that dominates on the kickball pitch.
  52. The Kickin’ Crew: Because no one kicks it better than your crew.
  53. The High Flyers: Perfect for a team that sends the kickball soaring through the air.
  54. Snack Attack: For a team that’s always ready to snack on victory.
  55. Kicks and Tricks: When your team has a bag of tricks up its sleeve.
  56. The Kickaholics: Because your team is addicted to the thrill of kicking that ball.
  57. The Recess Rebels: Bringing back the spirit of recess with a kickball twist.
  58. The Puntersaurus Rex: Because your team’s kicks are prehistoric in their power.
  59. The Lawn Rangers: A name that pays homage to the guardians of the kickball lawn.
  60. The Kickahoots: For a team that takes kickball very seriously, or maybe not so much.
  61. The Kickflips: Perfect for a team that loves to add a bit of flair to their kicks.
  62. The Footloose Kickers: Dancing through the kickball field with style and finesse.
  63. The Grass Whisperers: When your team can hear the grass cheering for every kick.
  64. Kicking and Screaming: Because sometimes, a good kickball game deserves a bit of drama.
  65. The Twinkle Toes: For a team that kicks with grace and precision.
  66. The Kicktastrophes: Embracing the chaos and unpredictability of kickball.
  67. The Kickapotamuses: Because your team’s kicks are as mighty as a hippopotamus.
  68. Pitchin’ A Fit: Perfect for a team that’s not afraid to express their emotions on the field.
  69. The Grass Gurus: Masters of the kickball pitch and the grassy terrain.
  70. The Kickin’ Koalas: For a team that’s cute, cuddly, and surprisingly deadly on the kickball field.
  71. The Toe Tappers: When your team taps into a rhythm that leaves opponents bewildered.
  72. Kickin’ and Grinnin’: Because a good kickball game is all about fun and smiles.
  73. The Kickin’ Kangaroos: Hopping into action with powerful kicks and boundless energy.
  74. The Grass Grenades: When your team’s kicks explode with impact on the kickball field.
  75. The Kickin’ Cacti: Prickly on the outside but soft-kicked on the inside.
  76. The Turf Terminators: Dominating the kickball field with terminator-like precision.
  77. Kickin’ Chicklets: A sweet and sassy name for a team that knows how to kick it.
  78. The Kickin’ Komodos: Unleashing the fierce power of the komodo dragon through kicks.
  79. The Pitch Perfectors: For a team that fine-tunes every pitch to perfection.
  80. The Kickin’ Penguins: Waddling onto the kickball field with icy cool kicks.
  81. The Rumble Roosters: For a team that brings the noise and the kickball chaos.
  82. The Pitch Prowess: Showcasing your team’s exceptional skill on the kickball pitch.
  83. The Kickin’ Chameleons: Adapting to every kickball scenario with ease and style.
  84. The Grass Grazers: For a team that savors every moment on the kickball field.
  85. The Kickerinos: Because your team’s kicks are a dance of finesse and power.
  86. The Thunder Thighs: When your team’s thighs are as thunderous as their kicks.
  87. The Kickin’ Cobras: Striking opponents with swift and deadly kicks.
  88. The Puddle Jumpers: A playful name for a team that navigates the kickball field with agility.
  89. The Sassy Kickers: Because your team’s kicks come with a side of attitude.
  90. The Pitch Pioneers: Leading the way in kickball innovation and strategy.
  91. The Kickin’ Cuties: Combining charm with kickball skill for an unbeatable combination.
  92. The Wacky Kickers: For a team that brings a touch of wackiness to the kickball field.
  93. The Pitch Pranksters: Keeping opponents on their toes with unpredictable kicks.
  94. The Kickin’ Kiwis: Embracing the energy and zest of the kiwi fruit in every kick.
  95. The Grass Gargoyles: Standing guard over the kickball pitch with intimidating kicks.
  96. The Pitch Pixies: Sprinkling a bit of magic on the kickball field with enchanting kicks.
  97. The Kickin’ Cupids: Shooting love arrows through opponents’ defenses with precision kicks.
  98. The Grass Gazelles: Graceful and agile, your team glides through the kickball field.
  99. The Kickin’ Koalas: Because one team can never have enough koalas, especially if they kick well.
  100. The Pitch Perfect Penguins: Combining the perfection of pitches with the coolness of penguins.


Choosing a kickball team name is an opportunity to showcase your team’s personality and sense of humor. Whether you prefer puns, pop culture references, or just pure silliness, there’s a kickball team name on this list for everyone. So, gather your teammates, lace up your sneakers, and get ready to kick up some serious fun on the kickball field!

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