The Centex CPS Court system typically operates within the legal framework established by the state to address cases where the Department of Family and Protective Services has intervened due to concerns about a child’s safety within their home environment. These courts are tasked with making crucial decisions to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable children .And families involved in these situations.

Within the CPS court system, judges, attorneys and other professionals collaborate to assess the circumstances of each case. Determine the best course of action for the child’s welfare. And ensure legal procedures are followed. The primary focus remains on the best interests of the child while considering family reunification. When feasible and safe or exploring alternative permanent placement options when necessary.


Legal Proceedings

These courts handle various legal matters related to child protection, such as removals, placements, parental rights termination, and reunification efforts.

Case Management

Social workers and caseworkers are involved in managing and monitoring cases and creating plans to ensure child safety and family well-being.

Legal Representation

Attorneys, including those representing parents, children, and the state, ensure fair representation and advocate for the best outcomes for the child.

Judicial Decision-making

Judges presiding over CPS courts evaluate evidence, consider recommendations from involved parties, and make decisions aimed at protecting the child’s welfare.

Collaboration and Support

These courts often work closely with community organizations. Foster care agencies, mental health providers and other entities to provide comprehensive support for children and families involved in CPS cases.


The Centex CPS Court system, like similar entities across the United States.  Operates under stringent laws and guidelines aimed at safeguarding vulnerable children and providing them with safe and nurturing environments.

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